Dining across the divide: ‘I would love to check in with her again in 25 years to see if she feels the same

Mike, 54, Guildford


Occupation Musician and landlord

Voting record Generally an anti-Conservative tactical voter

Amuse bouche After school, Mike worked as a lab assistant at a university microbiology department. One of his jobs was to dispose of anthrax. “It seems bizarre now that a 17-year-old was allowed to do that”

Miriam, 29, London


Occupation Researcher, PhD student

Voting record Labour or Green

Amuse bouche Miriam once won a six-month supply of Hobnobs. “I was runner-up. If I’d won I would have got a year’s supply and £1,000. Brutal”

For starters

Mike I liked Miriam straight away. She came across as very intelligent. The age gap was only noticeable in so far as it was relevant to our discussion.

Miriam We realised we are both musicians, which was a nice way to break the ice. I have been a professional singer, though I haven’t picked it up since Covid.

Mike We went vegetarian. I had curried cauliflower and a lime tart. Very nice.

Miriam I had burrata, spring salad for a main and tarte tatin – all delicious.

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